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Matt Winter

Hi everyone,

My name is Matt Winter. I am a freelance outdoor photographer and writer based in Marlborough but currently travelling around the South Island of New Zealand for my work.

  Welcome to my world of nature, animals, birds and New Zealand's wonderful outdoor environments.

  I've had a keen interest in New Zealand's great outdoors from a young age and a very passionate and active interest in several outdoor activities. Ranging from fly fishing and white water kayaking to free dive spearfishing through to hunting big game with bow and arrow and game bird hunting with my Springer Spaniel, 'Meg'.

  I'm very proud of the fact that ALL of my animal and bird images are of completely wild and free creatures. No wildlife reserves, no game parks, no bird cages, no paddocks or fences and no 'pet' animals or birds. For me, the thrill and excitement from bow hunting (stalking in very, very close to truly wild animals) has carried over into the field of photography.

  One of my motivations is always to celebrate wild animals in their natural environments. I also try to portray nature and the dynamics of animals in their natural habitats in a very personal and intimate style that will appeal to all those who love wild nature and the high country.

  I hope I can give you an insight into the amazing, beautiful and often inspiring animals, birds and landscapes that I've had the privilege of being a part of.

   I write regular articles and columns in the following publications ....

-  NZ Hunter                 -  Wilderness

-  NZ Today                  -  Kiwi Gardener         

-  RV Lifestyle              -  AA Directions          

-  Wild Tomato

  I have also had a book published by Potton & Burton titled "The Heart of Hunting".


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  Please feel free to leave comments.

  If you are interested in purchasing printed images (canvas or fine art paper) or using my skills for commissioned photo shoots, please get in touch with me via e-mail. Images are also available for promotional and/or commercial use.

  Please get in contact for prices.




   e-mail  :   murphy.mob@xtra.co.nz


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